About Us

As a company @ furnnet.online we specialize in exceeding your expectations. Delivering excellent, quality, locally made, modern furniture products. Our exclusively one of a kind selection of furnishing products will create the need you never knew existed, listen to your heart and let us introduce style to you @ furnnet.

About Us

Furnnet Mission


@ Furnnet.online we specialize in local manufactured products and by putting our own unique

stamp on an exclusive selection, exceptional range and quality furnishing products.

Providing you with some of the best locally-based manufactured, modern furniture

in South Africa.

Bringing you value from your own doorstep.

For one of the best sustainable, quality and modern furniture.


Let FURNNET be of assistance. 


Our Story 

To simplify the situation. As any company starts.

With the perfect amount of motivation and quite a decent amount of belief.

Basically, It was an idea of taking advantage of the special opportunity that arised.

The opportunity for furnnet to become a furniture wholesaler, with the capabilities of producing and manufacturing quality build furniture locally. Well let’s just say. It was time to start.

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