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Delivery Options & Guidelines

Furnnet delivery prices are included into fixed product price.


General Questions

payment terms

Direct accounts – COD, credit terms, On request payments for invoices are due within 30 days. Thus may differ due to arrangements made.

What will my total cost be

All prices as seen on site are including transport costs And excluding vat.

Exclusively wholesale only

Furnnet does not sell directly to the public end user. solely client base and wholesale based.

volume rebate

5% discounted rate on volume purchasing, if eligible.

Price changes

If there is a change in the price of a products, it will be communicated directly. Price increases may then vary between manufacturing increases such as fabrics and so on.

 FOB your docks

It’s solely furnnet’s responsibility until it arrives to you.




 All frames guaranteed for a period of 3 years.

Fabrics guaranteed for a period of 1 year ( 50 000 rub test guaranteed)

In terms of the guarantee, any faults will be repaired at no cost to you.

This guarantee covers the workmanship and construction as well as all raw materials being used fair wear and tear is excluded.

Lead Time

On ordering, all products may vary.

Manufacturing products lead time may vary between 3 – 4 weeks on order request.


Terms and conditions

The onus is on you, the retailer to produce the invoice, thus furnnet invoice should any claim arise.

Should you require us to repair or recover your lounge suite,  the fabrics used may be of a different supplier.

Note: no guarantee will be accepted due to customer abuse.

Furnnet will not accept responsibility for damaged or deterioration caused by incorrect cleaning.

Report Damaged Item

luan @ +27 76 039 7834


Return a Damaged Product

All product problems that arise will be returned, either fixed or exchanged delivery costs are free of charge.

note: excluding customer abuse.


Furnnet delivery prices are included into fixed product price.

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